Document Type : Research article


Department of English Language and Literature, Faculty of Literature, Alzahra University


The present study examines how Iranian language institutes represent themselves in two pages of their institutional websites, namely, Homepage and About Us, as the main pages that build up the initial relationship with the viewers. Accordingly, this study aims at comparing and contrasting three formerly-established and three newly-established Iranian English language institutes in terms of how they represent themselves in the above-mentioned webpages. The Swales model of move analysis (1990) within genre analysis was applied in order to dissect the Homepage and About Us pages of the two groups of websites. The analysis reveals that the websites of the two groups of institutes are similar regarding their Homepage and contain the same five moves. Some moves include a few steps within them as well. There are, on the other hand, some differences between the moves and steps in About Us pages of the former and newer institutes’ websites. The formerly-established institutes rely mainly on their long-lasting reputation to represent themselves while the newly-established institutes represent themselves as innovative institutes conforming to the learners’ needs and expectations as well as offering some free services. It seems that newer institutes apply lengthier About Us pages to convince their potential learners of their capability to fulfill their claims.