Considering the National Master Plan for Science and Education in the country and the necessity of localizing the humanities, this journal welcomes articles contributing to this aim.

Aims of this journal include but are not limited to:

-Promoting scientific and professional knowledge of researchers in the  mentioned  major areas and their sub-divisions.

-Sharing of the findings of researchers in the mentioned fields.

-Promoting general and professional knowledge necessary for learning English as an international language among Iranians.

-Promoting Iranian culture along with the English.

The main focus of the Journal is on research done on language learning and teaching. We are in particular interested in research papers on L2 education (in particular EFL/ESL), in a variety of levels including school level, university level, institute level, etc. The Journal welcomes papers on teaching and learning any component of language including skills and sub-skills, as well as sociolinguistics, psycholinguistics, discourse and pragmatics, TESL or TEFL, Teaching Persian to Speakers of Other Languages (AZFA), language evaluation/testing, language  and culture, teaching language for specific purposes, teaching  methodology, comparative literature, literature, language studies, translation, and linguistics but written only in English.

The Journal calls for unpublished original manuscripts to be considered for publication. The papers submitted to the Journal should not have already been published elsewhere nor should they be submitted simultaneously to another journal.