Since the Journal uses a double-blind review system, it is essential that all author identifying information to be removed from the paper and that author information should only be provided in the title page. In case author's work is mentioned in the manuscript, replace the name with Author in the text. In other word, there should be no trace of the author in the text.

Before submitting your article to be considered for publication in the Journal of Language Horizons, make sure that it adheres to all guidelines given in this document; otherwise, the Journal office may reject the paper before sending it out for review. The papers following these general criteria may be submitted to be evaluated for possible publication. Please be informed that the Journal takes plagiarism very seriously and the contributors are cautioned against this.

The journal follows a rigorous reviewing policy. Each submitted paper is first evaluated for its style consistency and appropriateness of the topic. If found faulty or not appropriate, the paper is re-turned to the author for further work and resubmission. The papers that meet initial submission criteria are then reviewed by members of editorial and advisory board as well as external reviewers. A final decision is made on the status of the paper based on the feedback offered by board members and anonymous reviewers to the Editor in Chief. The final decision will be in form of 1) Accept as it is; 2) Minor revisions; 3) Major revisions; and 4) Reject. The journal keeps the right of literary and technical changes but not the content of the articles. Also article publishing depends on the editorial board’s approval.

Average review time for articles: 3 months